Sabbour ..The story of reconstruction in the heart of the desert

Everything here calls for contemplation and pride .. Once you step on the place sounds louder from all sides and towards everyone .. Everyone works eagerly to bring a new baby to light .. Projects «Ahli - patient» inside the city «Future City» is not just silent real estate but life Integrated .. The giant company was able to breathe life and life after it was just a desert land for decades With the beats of eleven o'clock in the morning and over three continuous hours «Alaqaria» landed its footsteps to tour the company's projects that do not represent a milestone and a bright spot within this region, but in the history of the company since its inception. The selection of «Ahli Sabour» «Future City» for the establishment of such unique projects within this city did not come from a vacuum, it is a promising city in eastern Cairo, which connects the new administrative capital and neighboring cities, making it one of the most attractive spots attractive for investment . 4 giant projects implemented by «Ahli-Sabour» inside the city of the future of the city, in cooperation with the company for the future of urban development owner and general developer of the city .. «Real Estate» wandered inside and monitored everything going on, and the achievements made on the ground. Started with «Green Square» the company's first projects in this promising city, where it continues to work day and night as «beehive», modern facades launched on the latest models and interior models of residential units that are made according to international standards force you to stand in front of them and think a little to know How did «Al-Ahli-Sabbour» time and managed to establish all these units during this short period ?. Green Square is a unique project, launched in partnership with Saudi Dar Al Maali Company at an investment cost of LE 1.37 billion. It will be built on an area of ​​80 acres acquired in 2014. 60% of the project has been completed. With 75% implementation by the end of this year .. This project is the fastest implementation within the «Future City»; where 80% of it has been marketed so far, and is targeted to market 90% by the end of 2019, and includes 1167 units with areas ranging between 125 and 265 meters, what Between villas Town and Twin House and luxury residential apartments, with an estimated total sales target of 1.9 billion pounds, The delivery of the first phase will begin in 2020, which we have already observed; a large number of ready-to-hand units have been completed, confirming the company's credibility and commitment to its customers who have achieved investment returns of up to 300%. Alaqaria has also toured the L'Avenir project, of which 40% has been implemented, with a target of 50% by the end of this year, 90% of which has been marketed so far. It is being built on an area of ​​about 99 acres with an investment cost of 2.950 billion pounds. The company aims at starting the delivery of the first phase of the project by the end of 2020. The third projects «Ahli - Sabour» within the future of the city is «Aria», which started the company to implement the construction work for the first phase, in partnership with the company «Manazel», on an area of ​​108 acres, and includes 1977 housing units of various sizes with a total cost of 4.6 billion pounds, With a sales target of LE 5.6 billion, over 50% of it has been marketed to date and is being implemented in 3 phases. There is also the «City of Odyssia» project, which is one of the largest and most important projects of the company in this promising city, which includes several residential areas «Compound» Each area is a stand-alone project with investments estimated at 29 billion pounds, to be fully completed within 10 years , And in partnership with «Future for Urban Development». The project is located on an area of ​​578.79 acres (equivalent to 2.34 million square meters), and is managed by «Hill International» American design and implementation, while the company «Gensler» is responsible for the master plan and integrated design of urban services within the project, which includes a central business area extending The project is set to provide 15,000 direct and indirect jobs for different disciplines. «The City of Odyssia» as a major paradigm shift in the history of Egyptian urbanism based on modern means; with the aim of achieving the desired strategy of its establishment, which reflects the intermarriage between the long tradition of the company «National - Sabour», and the innovative vision of modern «future of urban development»; The project is divided into a number of small residential compounds that the company is famous for, which will be linked through dedicated pedestrian routes, making the project a real paradise for healthy life full of movement and activity, and was designed at the highest international level, according to the study of the aspirations of the target segment of customers. The area of ​​units in the first compound in the project «Alaire» between 85 and 220 meters of apartments, in addition to Town Villas and Twin House areas between 260 and 312 meters, while the second compound «The Ridge» consists of Town and Twin House and independent villas, where the spaces range from 260 M2 to 385 m2. The project contains the largest open commercial area in East Cairo, which will not allow the passage of cars, in order to maintain the health of the residents of the project, in addition to another area containing a mix of commercial and administrative units, restaurants and offices, as well as the establishment of the largest conference hall, celebrations and exhibitions, capacity of more than 4 Thousands of people and the establishment of a bridge to link the commercial area with the administrative district, which is implemented at the highest level of luxury and sophistication and designs and global ideas that simulate the architectural style of the bridge