Al Ahly Sabbour.. 60 giant projects in a quarter of a century.

She has a long history of more than a quarter of a century .. She has great ambition in drawing plans for her future projects .. She always has in mind her goal which she has long succeeded in achieving .. With her competencies and capabilities that exceed the barrier of imagination .. She (Al-Ahli Real Estate Development .. Patient This company is a pioneer with a long history in the world of construction, which owns more than 60 large projects throughout the country in cooperation with the state and the largest private sector companies in Egypt and Egypt. Since its inception, the company has achieved a march of great successes by implementing unique projects on the ground of Egypt thanks to its leadership and success partners to become one of the largest reputable companies, with the support of Father Eng. Hussein Sabour, his constant communication and giving him the right directions that established a practical model in the joint cooperation The principle of partnership and cooperation extended to the conclusion of many real estate partnerships to build and develop the future. The State sets the specifications for the development of 144 acres in October in partnership with Ahli Development Al Ahly Urban Development Company has signed a partnership agreement to develop a 144-acre plot of land in 6th of October City with the New Urban Communities Authority. Eng. Hussein Sabbour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Company for Urban Development and Chairman of the Office «Sabour» for engineering consultancy, that the company has advanced within a number of real estate developers to compete for a set of plots proposed by the Urban Communities Differentiated spaces. He added that «Ahli Urban Development» presented the best price before the state to develop a huge area of ​​144 acres in October and located on the road between Juhayna Square and Media Production City, stressing that the state represented in the Urban Communities Authority will determine the specifications for the development of the plot of land, which will include residential and other works Service. He pointed out that the office «Sabour» Consulting Engineers implementation of engineering designs for the project during the current period in preparation for the issuance of the ministerial decision of the project, after the completion of the integrated planning of the plot and determine the size of facilities and calculate the needs of the infrastructure of the land. He revealed that according to the State's objectives in the development of the project is scheduled to include residential villas in addition to a special part of integrated services, where the Urban Communities Authority controls the allocation of 8 to 12% of the project area for services, which will include educational schools and a commercial market, in addition to entertainment projects, where It is planned that extended services will be provided not only for the project, but also for residential neighborhoods in October. The Ministry of Housing signed development contracts with Al-Ahly for Real Estate Development, SODIC and Arkan for Real Estate Investment to develop 3 plots of land with 500 acres for SODIC, 144 acres for Al-Ahly for Urban Development and 205 for Arkan for Real Estate Investment. Projects 160 thousand jobs created. Ahmed Sabbour: `` Ahli Development '' targets contractual sales of 6 billion pounds in 2019 Ahli Sabour Real Estate Development Company aims to achieve contractual sales worth 6 billion pounds in its projects this year, compared to achieving 5.250 billion pounds last year, and plans to invest investments worth 3 billion pounds compared to 1.5 billion pounds last year. Ahmed Sabour, Managing Director of Al Ahli Sabour Real Estate Development, said that about 60% of the fourth phase of Amwaj North Coast project, which is located on an area of ​​60 acres and includes 800 units and the cost of implementing 450 million pounds and sales target of about 700 million pounds. Around 85% of that phase will be delivered during the summer of 2019 with a total of 225 units.More than 240 units will be delivered to the project during the current year, and the commercial center «Revit Mall» will be fully operational next summer. The first one last summer, which represents 60% of the project, includes The second phase of the project will be opened next summer. The total investment of the project is 120 million pounds on a land area of ​​62 thousand square meters, stressing the operational excellence of the first phase last summer, which is distinguished by its location and design by the Mixty International Office. Amwaj has added new expansions of 15 acres adjacent to the project owned by North Egypt Company for Investment and Development with a partnership rate of 25% for the landowner. It is planned to implement a project with a construction cost of LE 250 million and sales target of LE 600 million. The scheme I will begin the implementation of the project Jaya North Coast before next summer, with a total construction cost of 5 billion pounds, where the design of the project has been completed, and the company is awaiting to obtain licenses, the project is located on an area of ​​285 acres, and is implemented in partnership with the company Dar Global Sabour explained that sales of 1.3 billion pounds were achieved in the project last year, the company plans to maintain the same value during the current year, and the total sales target for the project is 10 billion pounds, where the company plans to market within five years, the project includes a variety of Of services, and It is scheduled to select a company from 6 companies submitted to tender for the implementation of the first phase of the project, which is pumped 100 million pounds this year, and said that the financing of the company's projects depends on self-financing and marketing proceeds and bank loans, a percentage that Not more than 15%. We intend to inject investments worth LE 3 billion this year