North Coast and Al Alamien City are the best qualified areas

Eng. Hussein Sabour, Chairman of Al - Ahly Real Estate Development Company, said that the experience of implementing hotel units in the Egyptian real estate market is distinctive and successful especially in light of the high prices of units, pointing out that these units are considered long - term projects that achieve good returns. Sabour added that Egyptian companies have the financial ability to implement these hotel units, as they are working to provide maintenance for the units especially that most of them are implementing fully finished units at the highest level and costly. East and West of Cairo and coastal areas and the new Alamein, Ain Sokhna and the North Coast, stressing the need for diversity of hotel units for the diversity of the target customer and their desires and needs, as well as marketing methods for each of them, and the adoption of new mechanisms such as focusing on the real estate market He continued: The role of the private sector is to provide the product fully finishing and provide all appropriate services to the customer and provide factors for those who want to buy in this region. Eng. Hussein Sabour, Chairman of Al Ahli Real Estate Development Company, said that the company is currently working on the completion of the first three phases of the project «Amwaj», which is being built on an area of ​​350 acres on the north coast, pointing out that the work is scheduled to begin in the fourth phase in the summer 2017. Sabour pointed out that Al-Ahli is currently preparing drawings and issuing licenses for another project in the northern coast in Al-Dabaa area, noting that once the licenses are extracted, the project will start work immediately, pointing out that the project is very huge and will be bigger than Amwaj project. He said that the company will start work in January 2017 on the site of «Green Square» project in the city of the future, on an area of ​​80 acres, as it is working to obtain licenses for another project in the future area «Lavenir» which is located on an area of ​​100 acres, and after the extraction will start Work on the project, noting that the two residential projects are small villas and luxury apartments will be put to the above-average segment. Sabour stressed that there is a new pricing policy of the new economic changes witnessed by the market because of the rise in the dollar price and the increase in the prices of building materials after the decision to float. In worth