Sabbour Engineering Consultancy and Abaad Al Roaya Saudi Prepares to Open Marketing Offices in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Europe

Cairo last week witnessed the signing of a joint cooperation protocol between Sabour Engineering Consultancy and Saudi Vision Deportation Office. This cooperation comes in the field of engineering consultancy between the two large edifices in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, in order to develop new designs for projects based on thought, vision and creativity, befitting their long standing experience For many years, as well as encouraging Saudi investment in Egypt. The signing was witnessed by a large number of leaders of the two offices, led by Eng. Hussein Sabour, Chairman of Sabour Office for Engineering Consultancy and Eng. Najwa Al-Awadi, Eng. Omar Sabour, Vice-Chairman of the Board. Saad Meshaal, Executive Director, and Eng. Mohsen Al-Qarni, General Manager Sabour pointed out that cooperation with Saudi Arabia is not only a minor in the field of engineering consultancy, but also extends to cooperation in many important economic fields, pointing out that all employees in the office are proud of this fruitful cooperation and convergence of views and transfer of expertise between the two offices, in order to serve Engineering, economic and investment activity as well. Sabour stressed that the coming period will witness the start of the implementation of a number of major projects in joint cooperation, pointing out that the work of the two offices not only to work within Egypt, but also extends to the implementation of new projects in all Arab countries