Privacy Policy

Privacy of your information is as important for us as the privacy of the homes we build for you. That’s why we have updated our Privacy Policy to make sure your personal information is respected and protected.

According to the latest Privacy Policy updates took place in December 2019, Al Ahly Sabbour website declares and commit to the following:

·       Any information you share with Al Ahly Sabbour website is shared willingly from your side as a prerequisite for a service you requested.

·       The reasons why we collect your personal information are:

·       To help us provide better personalized service to your account in particular.

·       To keep you updated with news and offers you are interested in.

·       To provide a record of any communications between you and Al Ahly Sabbour to be tracked later if needed.

·       To comply with any applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements.

·       We commit to never sell or share your personal information to third parties, except when:

·       Required by law.

·       Subject to your consent, where a particular service requiring such disclosure is requested by you.

·       You hold all the rights to access, update or delete your personal information through your user account page.

·       Seeking the conuitous desire to upgrade, we might update our Privacy Policy from time to time. If so, you will get notified immediately. 


We protect you personal information by placing it on a secure portion of our web site. 

·       All personal and sensitive information, regarding any of our customers, is encrypted in storage and in transit to prevent unauthorized access to it.

·       We also have installed a firewall system that prevents unauthorized back and front office access to sensitive information.

·       We have a Total Virus Defense in place, to rigorously scan all information entering and leaving our system.

·       This site provides links to other web sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.